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2017 in Review- Medical Ministry

Another part of our incredible year of ministry is all of our different medical outreaches. From hospital ministry to wellness clinics to house calls to the Bread of Life clinic- we saw a little bit of everything this year! Here’s the highlights from each outreach!

Hospital Ministry-

The hospital ministry had another year full of miracles and new relationships. We continued to grow our relations with the local hospital through visits, prayer, and meetings with leadership. The women’s ministry in the maternity ward is going well. N average of 40 families a week were blessed with a care package, prayer, and fellowship. This includes postpartum moms and babies, high risk pregnancies, OBGYN surgery patients, and NICU families. The men’s ministry is also growing and thriving. While visiting the trauma patients, we have had many opportunities to pray with them and have seen many miracles and healings take place.

We also formed new relationships with the medical director and assistant director of medical personnel for the hospital. A visiting surgeon was invited to assist with a day in the surgical ward and even teach some of the medical students new techniques on hernia repairs. God continues to open doors for added influence in the hospital.

Wellness Clinics-

Our wellness clinics saw an average of 80 patients per two hour clinic. We hosted them in a variety of neighborhoods, including three at Bread of Life, two in the projects, one in La Jeringa, and the rest in the refugee area. Towards the end of the summer, we added a wellness station where adults can check their height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar. Patients received a handout with their results and counseling on any abnormal numbers. It has been a big success so far and we look forward to expanding it in the future.

House Calls-

We expanded the house call outreach to two neighborhoods, the refugee area and Barrio Nuevo. During an hour of house calls, we saw anywhere from 10 to 50 patients. aHouse calls in the refugee area typically saw more patients while house calls in Barrio Nuevo saw less, but with more personalized and intensive care. Many of the patients were receptive to prayer and we were able to pray with a lot of the families we treated!

Bread of Life Clinic- We have an onsite clinic for the Bread of Life children. This year, we moved it down to the multipurpose building. We try to have it open at least once a week, but also just treat the children on an as needed basis. We began to add a wellness check portion to the clinic hours and look forward to expanding this in the coming year.

Whew! That sure is a lot of different outreaches for our medical ministries. We are so thankful for the growth and favor we have seen this year. Make sure to share your stories and memories if you participated in any of our medical ministries! #DRMissions2017

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