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A Christmas Family Reunion

This year, we are planning something very special for Christmas... a family reunion. We plan to invite all of the current and graduated members of the Bread of Life Girls Home to celebrate together. These girls grew up together as family, and it's about time to get the family back together for a fun evening of celebration. Check out this post by our Co-Direction, Carie Bernard, about the event:


We will be having a reunion at the beginning of the year and invite ALL the girls who have ever lived at the BOL Girls Home. It will accomplish a few things:

1. We know that the girls that have moved out do not receive anything for Christmas. So we want them to receive a small gift.

2. They will have a reason to reconnect and talk among themselves. We think that’s pretty important.

3. They have reasons to reconnect with us in person. We think that’s also important. They need to be reminded they are still loved by us, more importantly by God, and have a safe place to come.

4. We will kick off our Esther Project and invite them to join us through out the year. The Esther Project is a young woman empowerment movement empowering women and girls to discover their purpose and live passionately for God to change the world. ( We have been doing this for the last two years with the girls who live at the BOL GH and they love it!)


Doesn't this just sound like a blast?! You might be wondering how you can get in on the fun. See Carie's point #1? We want to get special Christmas gifts for each girl who will be attending the party. We have picked the value of $25 and we need 22 people to donate $25 towards the Girls Home Christmas gifts. Maybe you used to sponsor a girl in the Girls Home, and haven't heard from her since she moved out. Maybe you came on a team and have sweet memories with one of these young ladies when she was only a little girl. Either way, this is your way to reconnect, just like the girls will be doing during their family reunion.

Step 1- Follow this link to sign up:

Step 2- Donate $25 via PayPal with the note "DR- Girls Christmas" Click this link and scroll down to "Donate to Rick and Carie Bernard" for the PayPal link to give:

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