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2017 in Review- The Girls' Home

The Girls’ Home has gone through many changes in the past year and we are seeing such growth and progress in their lives. Margarita and Rafelina are incredible leaders and role models for the girls. They have brought a breath of fresh air and energy into the Girls’ Home. We are continually looking forward to what’s next. Here are some highlights from our year:

New Girls- We have had three sweet young ladies move into the Girls’ Home in 2017. In February, Genesis moved in. She is 12 years old and is the definition of sassy and sweet. In December, Jaylee came to stay at the Girls’ Home. She’s nine years old and has had a difficult life so far. We are thankful for the chance to be a part of her story. Please join us in praying as we figure out how to best support her. Also in December, sweet little Mara joined our Girls’ Home family. She’s 4 years old and just a doll! It’s so much fun having a little one in the house again.

Yajaira’s Quinceañera-

Yajaira celebrated her 15th birthday this year with a special celebration. We can’t believe that she is 15 already! She is a joy to spend time with. Yajaira is responsible, fun, and a natural caretaker. She loves working with children. We celebrated her with a big party full of the music, sweet words of blessing, and lots of purple.

Purity Dinner-

In July, we hosted a special celebration to talk to the girls about purity and give them purity rings. We celebrated, ate a nice meal, and spoke blessings over each girl. We are so proud of how they are all growing into incredible young ladies.

The Esther Project- As a way to help the girls grow emotionally and spiritually, we started something called the Esther Project. Each week, we met with the girls and taught them different lessons and life skills to help them live as Christian young ladies. We spoke to them frequently about how Esther prepared herself for a year before she met her king, and shared with them the love and value that Christ has given them. The girls had lessons in everything from etiquette to community service, from friendships to their futures. The girls really enjoyed each lesson and looked forward to the hands-on activities. We ended the year with a dinner out at a nice restaurant. For some of the girls, it was their first time eating out at a sit-down restaurant.

As you can see, its been a fun year with our girls. We love to watch them grow up into beautiful, spirited, compassionate young ladies.

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