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Meet The Kids

The Bread Of Life Program currently has over 80 children enrolled! Click on their pictures to learn more about each one of these special children. Make sure to click "Show More" at the bottom of the page so you can meet them all! 

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these children and providing them with food, clothing, education, and love, then please fill out the Sponsorship Form. If you would like to hear more about the program, click here


Age 3 Adonai is a sweet boy who is very attached to his older sister, Mairolin. They have another brother, Danielvin, as well. He loves playing with toy cars and coloring pictures.


Age 5 Adrian is a sweet boy who is very shy! He loves playing catch. He has three older brothers and a baby sister. His older brothers are Javier, Lleo, and Andi and they are all enrolled in Bread of Life.


Age 10 Alanna is pure joy! She is full of cute stories complete with expressive hand gestures. She lives with her grandmother in a house right beside the river in Barrio Nuevo. She loves dancing and coloring with every color marker.


Alberikas Age 9 Alberikas is the sweet oldest sister of a sibling group of four. Her younger siblings are Marileika, Albin, and Marileisi. She is thoughtful and enjoys coloring.


Albin Age 3 Albin is the only boy in a sibling group of four. He and Marileisi are twins, and they have two older sisters- Marileika and Alberika. They are new to the program in 2021.


Age 5 Alexander is so much fun! He attends the program with his older sister, Ashley. His favorite animal is a dinosaur and he loves watching cartoons. He has a sweet little sister named Marlin.


Age 7 Alexis is He is sweet and affectionate. He has a big, bright smile and he loves playing on the swings. He loves giving compliments, often telling people how "beautiful" or "handsome" they look!


Andriel Age 6 Andriel is the younger brother of Edilin and Estarlin. They used to attend BOL years ago but moved away. They moved back in 2021 and rejoined the program. Andriel is active and funny. He enjoys playing tag.


Age 7 Andi is a quiet little boy who loves to play. His siblings, Javier, Lleo, Adrian, and Yohaini are also in the feeding program. He has a baby brother as well.


Age 11 Angel is full of energy! He never stops moving. He is very talented in math and enjoys helping the other students during tutoring classes.


Age 16 Ashley is sassy, sweet, and smart. She has a great personality and she loves going to school and learning. She attends our youth group and events like the youth retreat.


Age 9 Carlos is full of personality. He is the little brother of Ronni, Carolin, and Robert. He enjoys picking fruit off of trees and playing games like tag or Zombie chase.


Age 15 Carolin is the only girl in a family of four children, so she takes care of her brothers. Their names are Ronni, Robert, and Carlos. Carolin loves styling hair and taking selfies on people's phones.


Age 13 Chantel is an intelligent and beautiful girl. She has a sweet, affectionate personality. She can be a little quiet, but once she warms up to people, she latches on and is a quick and steadfast friend.


Age 9 Cheri loves telling stories. She has a great imagination. Her current favorite animal is a unicorn. She is a member of the Bread of Life dance team and loves performing.


Age 10 Clarisa is the older sister of Alexis. She is a little quiet, but sometimes she will surprise us and crack a joke. Clarisa is best friends with her cousin, Crismeilin.

crismeilin pro

Age 11 Crismeili is the beloved baby sister in a big family. She is finally old enough for youth group and loves attending with her older brothers.


Age 14 Cristal is joyful, intelligent, and popular. Her little siblings are Wilmin and Gweni. She is growing up far too quickly!


Age 13 Daiana is a beautiful young lady. She has a bright smile. She loves going to school and doing art projects. Daiana loves to take care of her little nephew and other young children.


Age 11 Dania is the younger sister of three brothers. She is loving and just a little bit sassy. She wants to be a doctor in the future so she can help a lot of children.


Age 7 Danielvin is a sweet little boy who can be so mischevious. He uses a wheelchair to get around. He has two siblings- Mairolin and Adonai.


Age 3 Deikel is the younger brother of Amara and Sami. He is wild and goofy. He loves to play outside and make messes.


Age 7 Edelin is a sweet but spunky little girl. She showed up at the BOL, ten month old, close to starvation. It's truly miraculous to see the change in her now! She's full of joy and personality and certainly makes her own rules.


Age 11 Edwin is the oldest of four children- Rosani, Robert, and Eliani. He has a hard time following instructions but he loves to learn. He is not currently enrolled in school.


Eliani Age 3 Eliani is sweet and chatty. She loves to lead prayer before lunch and asks every day if it's her turn! She is affectionate with people she knows well.


Age 12 Estarlin is a joyful girl who has a lot of responsibility in watching her younger siblings- Edelin and Andriel. She also helps with her baby niece. Estarlin loves coming to youth group and different youth events.


Age 9 Ezequiel is a fun little boy. He is a great helper and he loves his family. He has a little sister and brother. Ezequiel frequently goes to work with his father, picking up trash on a horse-drawn buggy. This is very dangerous work for a child.


Age 9 Frailin is a quiet boy who loves to play. He is very anxious around adults he doesn't know, but once he warms up he can be affectionate and loving. He is not enrolled in school at this time.


Age 5 Francis is a darling little boy whose mother works at the Bread of Life. He loves to learn and loves to color pictures. He has an older brother, Jose Manuel.


Age 13 Gracie lives with her grandparents who adore her but have a hard time providing for her. She loves attention and getting her hair done.


Age 7 Gweni is a wild but sweet girl. She loves going to school and is doing an excellent job! She has two older siblings- Cristal and Wilmin.


Age 15 Hector is active and fun. He is also very intelligent. He has three little siblings- Yoel, Yasmin, and Gloria. He helps his family at a little convenience store they run from their front door.


Age 14 Javier has four siblings in the feeding program- Lleo, Andi, Adrian, and Yohaini. Javier can be rowdy but calms down when we bring out playing cards or board games. He is not in school but enjoys the tutoring classes.

Jose Manuel

Age 7 Jose Manuel is the son of one of our BOL employees, Arabellis. He has a little brother named Francis. Jose Manuel enjoys art and baseball.


Age 6 Juanel is the oldest sibling of three- Waneli and Elias. He enjoys climbing trees, playing on the swings, and running around.


Age 11 Lesli is the youngest child in her family. Her brother, Michael, also attends BOL. She has a baby niece that she watches during the day and also helps take care of a few other little cousins. She loves being on the BOL dance team.


Age 5 Lelita is the younger sister of Yasfreilin. She started kindergarten this year and loves it. She is learning to write all the vowels. She is sweet and likes to play with her friends.


Age 9 Lisandro is the beloved little brother of three big sisters. He loves sports and often goes to work with his father to help out.


Age 10 Lleo is very small for his age, but he is tough and rambunctious. He has four siblings in the feeding program- Javier, Andi, Adrian, and Yohaini. Lleo fishes in the river to provide for his family.


Age 14 Maibeline is funny and outgoing. She is very close with her sister, Myrobi, and her cousin, Marileisi. She attends the BOL youth group.


Age 12 Mairolin is the older sister of Adonai and Danielvin. She is kind and loves spending time with her friends. She has a lot of responsiblity at home.


Age 8 Maria, who goes by her nickname, Amara, is the baby of the Esther House. She is the niece of Katty and Eloidi. She is feisty, loud, and full of personality.


Age 4 Marciel is a sweet but solemn little girl. She is the niece of Lesli and Michael. Lesli often takes care of her and picks her up for BOL. She loves to play baby dolls.


Age 6 Marileika is the sister of Alberikas, Marileisi, and Albin. She is the most outgoing of her siblings. She doesn't know how to get the twins to listen to her and she has given up trying!


Age 15 Marileisi is a joyful young lady who is intelligent and enjoys attending the BOL youth group. She helps take care of her two nephews during the day.


Age 3 Marileisi is the twin sister of Albin and the little sister of Alberikas and Marileika. She is wild and does what she wants! She is not yet talking but has a big personality.


Age 14 Michael is incredibly athletic and a hard worker. He is always coming up with ways to earn a few pesos. He is very talented in math. He is the older brother of Lesli.


Age 13 Miguel is the second youngest in a large family. His siblings are Mayelin, Mabelin, Angelina, Sebastian, and Crismeili. He loves playing with his siblings and cousins. Together, they can be quite the mischievous bunch.


Age 6 Negro is our wild man! He loves to play. His favorite toys in the library are the animal figurines and the baseball gear. He has a new baby brother.


Age 3 Nicole is 3 years old and very spirited. She loves to play and doesnt want anything to get in between her and the baby dolls.


Age 4 Paola is a darling little girl with so much personality! She is the little cousin of Allana on her dad's side and Ashley and Alexandner on her mom's side. Needless to say, she fits right in at the BOL!


Age 13 Raquel is full of joy and energy. She is always on the go. Raquel is not enrolled in school yet, but she hopes to attend one day soon. Sheloves the tutoring classes and is learning a lot.


Age 10 Robert has three siblings in the program- Ronni, Carolin, and Carlos. Robert is not enrolled in school. He is a hard worker and helps contribute to the family financially.


Age 6 Robert is a sweet little boy with some special needs. He can be very mischevious and we often have to keep an eye on him. He has three siblings in the program- Edwin, Rosani, and Eliani.


Age 16 Ronni is a helpful leader. He enjoys youth group but often has to work at that hour. He is currently learning English and he hopes to have a career in the medical field in the future.


Age 9 Rosani is the sister of Edwin, Robert, and Eliani.


Age 9 Ruth is a sweet girl who's aunt works in the kitchen at BOL. She is very smart and loves to read. She enjoys playing baseball with her cousins and participating in the BOL dance team.


Age 6 Sami is the sister of Amara and Deikel. She is very athletic and loves to play. She is in kindergarten this year and enjoys going to school.


Age 11 Sara is kind and intelligent. Her family places a high value on education and she rarely misses school. She enjoys participating in the dance team and was so excited to finally start youth group this year.


Age 5 Waneli is the little sister of Juanel. She is spunky and wild. She loves to play and has a sweet giggle. She just started kindergarten this year.


Age 11 Wilmin is highly athletic. He has two sisters, Cristal and Gweni. Wilmin is doing very well in school.


Age 8 Winel is an active boy who just started school for the first time this year. He enjoys bringing his homework to BOL for some extra help. He is affectionate and loves to play games.


Age 6 Yadiel commonly goes by his nickname, Leleco. He is affectionate and active. He loves to play outside and does his best to avoid tutoring classes!


Age 12 Yarile lives with her grandparents in a house near the river. She has a little sister and a handful of nieces and nephews who live with her. She loves participating in youth group.


Age 8 Yarisleidi is a sweet but quiet girl. She isn't able to attend BOL every day, but we loves seeing her sweet smile when she walks in the front gate.


Age 11 Yasmin is joyful and sassy. She has two older brothers, Yoel and Hector, as well as a younger sister, Gloria. She loves attending youth group.


Age 12 Yasmeilyn is a beautiful girl with a huge heart. She loves participating in the BOL dance team and youth group. She helps with her niece, Ani, on the weekends and loves to bring her to BOL on occasion, too.


Age 6 Yeison is the cousin of Yarile. He is active and fun. He enjoys playing outside and climbing trees.


Age 7 Yeral is the older brother of Lelita. He is active and loves to play outside. He also really enjoys playing with legos and comes up with the coolest buildings.


Age 10 Yoel is wild and fun. He has three siblings- Hector, Yasmin, and Gloria. He and his siblings were all born with six fingers on each hand, but Yoel had his removed in a surgical procedure when he was younger. Yoel loves to play hide-and-seek and loves going to church.


Age 3 Yohaini is the little sister of Javier, Lleo, Andi,and Adrian. She loves to play and color pictures. She is the only girl in her family.


Age 19 Yuderca is a beautiful young lady. She has been mute since she was a young child, but she communicates well through hand gestures. She is very opinionated and connects well with people.


Age 3 Zachelyn is sweet and spunky. She loves to be affectionate with the adults she knows well. She enjoys playing with baby dolls and trying to do puzzles.

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