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2016 in Review- Hospital Ministry

This week, we are reflecting on the year 2016 by spotlighting our different ministries and the highlights from the year. Feel free to joinin the fun by sharing your own post with memories, pictures, or stories using the hashtag #DRMissions2016! Today we are sharing about the Hospital Ministry.

The hospital ministry continues to go well. We experience great favor in the maternity ward. Throughout the summer, we visited the mothers and new babies once a week, delivering supplies and praying with patients. We continue to grow relations with the nurses and doctors in the area.

In April/ May, there was one sweet baby in the NICU that we got to know. Christina was abandoned by her parents the day after she was born. She quickly became a favorite of the nurses and us. She was born early, but she gained weight quickly. We got to hold her, snuggle her, and pray over her. Once she reached 5 lbs, she was moved to a government run orphanage in the capital city. Loving this baby brought us stronger relationships with the NICU nurses.

The men’s hospital ministry was blessed this year as well. They had the opportunity to pray over trauma patients and saw miraculous healings. A handful of people came into new relationships with the Lord as well.

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