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Christmas Shoeboxes

Christmas Shoeboxes Throughout the Years

Restoration Church

"DR Shoeboxes

101 Francis Street

St. Joseph, MO 64501


All You Need To Know About Christmas Shoeboxes!


Who: Anyone can make a shoebox! 

What: Christmas gifts for the Bread of Life children and girls in the Girls Home. 

When: All boxes are needed by December 30th, 2018

Where: Restoration Church in St. Joesph, MO has offered to be a drop-off location for shoeboxes. Drop them off in person or mail them to                                

From here, the DR Missions team will pick up the boxes and handle getting them to the DR! 

Why: For the children in our program, this is often the only gift they receive all year long! This is an opportunity for us to use the gifts as an open door to bless the children and share the life-saving name of Jesus with them. You can be a part of that! 

How: You can be a part of this Christmas miracle in three easy steps! 


         1. Decide if you want to make a box or send a virtual box. 

                -If making a box, purchase a standard size shoebox and begin to fill it                   with goodies. Check out our idea list if you need ideas. 

                 -If sending a virtual box, visit our PayPal link and donate $25 dollars.                   Congrats, you’re done! We’ll buy the goodies in the DR to save on                         shipping costs. Send us your email address on Facebook Messenger-                     DR Missions to be added to an exclusive mailing list with pictures and                   videos of our shoebox handout event! 

        2. Drop off your box in person or by mail, and please donate $7 to help              with shipping costs via PayPal. Click this PayPal link and scroll down to "Donate to Rick and Carie Bernard." Add a note saying "DR Christmas Shipping"


        3. Wait for pictures of our incredible event! 



 ** When donating via PayPal, please add “DR Christmas” in the note section. Thank you! **

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