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Emerge Leadership Academy 2017

Emerge Leadership Academy came in to serve with the most energy and enthusiasm we’ve seen! The constant rain didn’t slow them down for a minute and they were willing to let the Spirit lead the schedule for the week. They brought in a worship leader and we were so refreshed by the the mornings spent in worship together. Thank you for an incredible week!

Flood relief- When Barrio Nuevo was hit with a flash flood the night before the team arrived, we knew the week might look a little different than normal. The team helped with our first level of flood relief by making sandwiches to feed the hungry families. It was an overwhelming task and they prepared around 400 sandwiches in just two days! Many families who were wondering what they would eat that night were blessed with a plastic bag full of enough sandwiches for the whole family. We say it every week, but sometimes the best ministry opportunities aren’t on the schedule.

Painting- The team showed off painting skills in a number of ways this week! From painting the girls’ bedrooms in the Girls’ Home to leading a painting activity with the same girls, they really did it all. The girls were so excited to see their new, grown-up bedrooms with their handpicked colors. For the painting activity, we talked about self-worth and acting like a queen before spending some time in reflective painting. The girls loved the activity and so did we! We focused on words like “redeemed,” “worthy,” and “Princess.” Many of our girls have artistic qualities and this was an incredible chance to see them shine.

BOL VBS- The first day at Bread of Life kicked off with an incredible VBS activity based around the story of Noah’s Ark. They had an interactive skit, fun craft, and silly animal masks! The kids loved every part of it and they left that day with cute crafts and a new memory verse. Thank you Emerge for investing in the spiritual growth of our kids!

God’s Mountain- The team had a special time of praise and worship on God’s Mountain. If you’ve never visited before, it’s a place that defies explanation. What was once a place of voodoo worship was transformed 50 years ago into a holy place for local Christians to pray, fast, and seek the Lord. The team visited and worshiped with local Dominicans, praying for each other in a unity that needed no translation.

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