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Myers Team 2016

We just finished an amazing week with the Myers team. They are diverse group from all around the country, and they are always up to work hard! This week, they worked on the water project, had a tea party, and more. It was a nice mix of work projects and fun relationship building activities. Here are some highlights from their week!

The Water Project:

Part of the team focused on the water purification system that was installed last year by the Living Waters for the World group. They fixed wiring, tested the water, and eventually bottled 33 5-gallon bottles for the Girls Home. We are so excited to watch how this water purification system can have an impact on our community.

Mother’s Tea Party:

The team put together a beautiful tea party for the mothers of our Bread of Life children. It was a sweet time to celebrate these ladies and pour into them spiritually. They were able to do a fun craft and listen to a devotional that was designed to uplift and encourage them.

Bread of Life Quinceañera:

This week, we celebrated the 15th birthday celebration for four of our Bread of Life girls. These girls have all been a part of the feeding program for a while. Some of them have even been there since the very beginning! Iris, Yamilka, Yoana, and Yeilin all looked like beautiful princesses and it was a joy to celebrate this milestone with them and their families.

Backpacks for Bread of Life:

The team came prepared with backpacks and school supplies for all of the Bread of Life children. The children were so excited to have their name called, run up to the table, and get a brand new backpack. Once they found the surprises inside, the energy level only grew!

Shopping with the Girls:

The team also raised money to take our girls from the Girls’ Home shopping for new clothes. The girls were screaming and cheering when they found out about this fun surprise. We partnered each girl with a team member so they each had a shopping companion to help tally their money and offer advice when they tried on clothes. It was a fun time with just our girls!

Thank you for an amazing week! We love serving with you.

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