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Destin United Methodist Church

Pastor Santiago Rodriguez brought an amazing, diverse team to serve with DR Missions for a week. Their schedule was a full one and there were too many highlights to name! Here are just a couple moments that stuck out to us:


Over the course of the week, we had two conferences. The first was a pastor/ leadership conference led by Pastor Santi. The second was a small business/ financial conference led by Ann Birdsong. Both conferences were informative, uplifting, and followed by a prayer session.

Rice and Beans:

The team prepared and handed out rice and beans to every family in the refugee area. Each bag, a true miracle, was given with love and prayer. The team had the chance to form relationships and lay hands on people, making this experience so much more than just rice and beans.

Gardening and Fence Building:

The team worked in our new “Seeds of Change” garden, planted flowers at the Girls Home, and build a new fence around the garden to prevent the chickens from eating the plants. These work projects will soon grow to be an immeasurable blessing! This garden will provide sustainability and healthy, affordable food options.

Refugee Area Outreach:

Towards the end of the week, we did an outreach in the refugee area after a medical clinic. A huge white tent was set up, a projector was brought in, and the community gathered to watch a slideshow of pictures we’ve taken over the past 12 years. These pictures were a true testament to the long lasting relationships that have been formed in this community. After the slideshow, Pastor Santi shared his testimony with the group and offered prayer everyone in attendance. It was a sweet time of fellowship and reflection over our time in the refugee area.

As always, the team spent time with the Bread of Life children. Some of the ladies had the chance to serve in the kitchen and help cook lunch for the kids. We did activities with the girls from the Girls Home, including a financial planning seminar. There was also a medical wellness clinic in the refugee area and visited the local hospital.

Thank you so much for the way that you served this week! We are blessed by this relationship and our time together.

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