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Northland Christian School Recap

We had such an amazing week with the Northland Christian group! For six years now, Northland has brought groups of high school students every summer to serve with DR Missions. They always bring a lot of laughter, silly antics, and a general sense of joy with them. The maturity and faith that these students demonstrate is astounding. Here are some highlights from their trip:

God’s Mountain-

On their second morning in the DR, the team hiked up God’s Mountain for a time of prayer and worship. In the cave, they encountered a man from Panama who was there praying and fasting for 40 days. This man, a prophet, spoke blessings over all the students and teachers. It was a powerful time of healing and anointing. It was a morning that the students continued to speak about throughout their trip.

“Everything” Drama-

The students learned a Christian drama called “Everything.” It has a powerful message about how Jesus is stronger, He continually seeks us and He can break all the chains in our lives. They performed this drama three times throughout their trip. The first was at a birthday party for one of our girls. Because of this performance, they were invited to perform it at a local church later in the week. When they visited the capital city, they performed the drama in the middle of a crowded city plaza. The drama was both powerful and well-performed!

Refugee Area-

The students spent time prayer walking in the refugee area. It was a powerful morning that opened their eyes to many questions. As always, the children in this area were excited to see the visitors and taught them many new games.

Hospital Ministry-

One afternoon, the team assisted in hospital ministry. The men of the group ministered to trauma patients while the girls visited the mothers and new babies. They were able to speak sweet prayers and blessings over these new families while gifting them with new baby clothes and hygiene supplies.

Bread of Life-

As always, Bread of Life is a highlight! The students formed relationships with the children as they fed them, played with them, and did fun activities with them. It is always amazing to see the children learn the names of the team members and recognize their new friends as the week passes.

Thank you so much for an amazing week! We look forward to seeing you next year.

(A special thanks to Jerry Cline for the wonderful photos from this week!)

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