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The Water Project

Dr Missions is pleased to announce the newest ministy, the water project! Thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers from Living Waters, the Bread of Life property is now home to a new water purification system. This system has been tested and it removes all the impurities from the water.

In the future, DR Missions hopes to employ local workers at the water project. Families in the Barrio Nuevo area will be able to visit the water project and buy clean water for a minimal price. This project will not only keep these families healthy, but also provide a needed income for our new employees! It's a win-win!

Here is what our director, Carie Bernard, had to say about the water project:

"Answered prayer. For the little boy who doesn't understand why he could only have one glass of water when he is so thirsty from playing. For the mother who is using river water to mix formula, or the child drinking out of a dirty spiket. After years of dreaming of having access to unlimited water at the Bread Of Life Orphanage & Feeding Center, God partnered Living Waters, DR Missions, and Grace Covenant International together last week. A team from Living Waters came to the DR and installed a reverse osmosis system on the Canaan Property. While the men installed the system, we had a team of ladies who conducted a two day conference on pure water safety. The future vision is to be able to provide the community with safe drinking water at an affordable price. For now the system will provide the water for the Bread of Life and the Mission Home. Glory to God and thank you to all who prayed and helped with this big project, another platform to cary the gospel."

Enjoy these pictures from our special week!

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