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Empowered Families

A clinic for new parents

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Empowered Families Clinic opened in August of 2023 and has continued to grow since then. With variety of medical, educational, and spiritual offerings, mothers are being empowered to keep custody of their children and raise them to be healthy, educated members of society. Mothers can come during our open office hours for health appointments, lactation consults, counseling, or pregnancy/parenting classes. The heart of this ministry is Family Preserevation- how can we keep families together? By empowering parents. 

A Place of Opportunity

At Empowered Families, mothers are learning that they truly can be a "supermom." Through BrightCourse, mothers can take pregnancy and parenting classes on a variety of interesting and applicable topics. They earn points in every class to use in our onsite Baby Shop. At the Baby Shop, we have everything from diapers and wipes to strollers, bottles, clothes, and toys. Moms know best what their baby needs and they can work to earn the items they want most. 

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Our Current Offerings

A Word on LIFE

In a country where abortion is illegal, many mothers resort to illegal street abortions in the city where we work. This dangerous act is often one of desperation, not of hate, but it's not the answer. We are choosing LIFE for the families we work with:

Living hope- We point every patient to the creator of life so they can see the true value of every life.

Intentional connection- We encourage every mother to fall in love with their baby from the moment they know of their existance and help facilitate prenatal bonding experiences.

Financial aid- We can't do it on our own! Moms can earn points to get baby items out of our shop, alieving some of the financial burden of motherhood

Education- Mothers have access to hundreds of pregnancy and parenting classes, free of charge, to help them be the best moms they can be. 

Our Next Step- We hope to get an ultrasound machine and ultrasound training in the year 2024 so that we can better serve the mothers in our clinic- not only through the medical check but through the intentional connection and bonding from seeing and hearing their little one. 

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