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Bread of Life

Bread of Life is a multi-faceted Children's Ministry that operates Monday-Saturday. We currently have over eighty children enrolled but daily attendance can vary. The children are fed a warm, nutritious meal while we focus on improving their quality of life, education, health, and spiritual life through a variety of different outreaches. Bread of Life also encompases our youth group, tutoring classes, and outreach to young mothers. 

Saturdays at Bread Of Life

As a new ministry opportunity in 2022, the Bread of Life is now open 6 days a week! The children have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of different extra curriculars and clubs on Saturday mornings before lunchtime. We currently have 6 different extracurricular offerings at a time. Our motivation for this Saturday program is found in Luke 2:52- 

"And Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man."

We hope to follow this model and help the children to grow in wisdom through educational opportunities, in stature through health and physical education, and in favor by  learning new ways to worship the Lord through their God-given gifts and talents. 

Meet Andi

Andi and his brothers joined Bread of Life in the summer of 2017. He was underweight and showed signs of clinical malnourishment. In addition, he had fungal and scabies infections, infected mosquito bites on his legs, and he was solemn and quiet. It took a while for him to open up, but now we see his mischievous smile almost every day. Andi's health has greatly improved and he is now an appropriate weight for his age. Andi began school two years ago and Bread of Life has been able to contribute to his education through backpacks, school supplies, and black shoes for two years now. He is also a frequent participant in the tutoring classes. We are so grateful for the the opportunity to be a part of his story. To hear the stories of more children, visit our Meet The Children page. 

Andi in 2017                                                    Andi in 2019

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