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Community Development

Our strategy for community development is to find sustainable projects with long lasting results that empower the community to get involved by helping each other. 

Dominican Republic Mission Trip Construction

Concrete Floors

In 2018, we began putting concrete floors in houses with only dirt floors. In 2019, we put in 16 concrete floors. The health benefits of these are enormous. Studies have found that putting in a concrete floor lower the rates of parasitic infections, diarrhea, and anemia while drastically raising cognitive abilities in children. 

We get the community involved by having the family and their neighbors help put in the floors. Each floor not only benefits the health of the receiving family, but it also builds relationships in the local communities. 

Meet Edward

Edward first got involved in our community development projects when his family received the blessing of a concrete floor in 2018. Since then, he has attended and helped put in every concrete floor we have done since. Edward is skilled in the trade of concrete work and he has begun training some of the older youth in Bread of Life in this valuable life skill. He is a great help to the ministry and we have been able to bless him financially for his help with each concrete project. 

Dominican Republic Work Project Youth Construction
Dominican Republic Mission Trip Agriculture Project

Planting Trees

This year, we worked with a local pastor and planted a field of fruit trees in his yard. These trees will help bless his family as they will be able to sell the fruit for profit, covering their living expenses and even sending his daughter to university. For a family living on low wages and pouring everything into their church, this will be a blessing for years to come.  

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