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DR Missions Team Member Medical Release Form and

Participant Agreement

Step 1: Each team member must print, sign, and witness a copy of this Liability Release Waiver. The team leader will collect the waivers and bring them into the DR. 

Step 2: Each team member must read the following code of conduct and electronically sign at the bottom of the page. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in the participant being sent home at their own expense. 

DR Missions Team Member Code of Conduct

As a participant on a DR Missions trip, I commit to the following for the entire duration of my trip: 

The Code:

* We at DR Missions view mission experiences as a discipleship opportunity for all travelers who choose to participate.

* We believe mission experiences are an opportunity for people to grow in their faith and to learn about the character of God from a fresh perspective. It is our hope that all trip members (regardless of personal beliefs) will grow in their understanding of what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ looks like. This is highlighted by opportunities to pray, sing, speak, listen, comfort, and serve God and the people we will encounter both on our team and in the mission fields.

* We believe our mission experiences are special opportunities for all who attend, and there is an expectation that trip members will conduct themselves during the planning phase, mission phase, and return phase with integrity and conduct that will portray; honesty, love, respect and cooperation to the staff of DR Missions, the other members of the mission team, and the people we will serve on the mission field.

* We consider the mission team members ambassadors for Christ and want them to act accordingly. The character traits and behaviors we expect to see are:

             *Being open and honest with the team leader(s) and any                             necessary staff or leadership about any                                                     personal, emotional, medical, criminal, or financial struggle  

               that may jeopardize your ability to serve on a mission trip, or                     may place yourself or other trip members in danger.

             *Having a flexible attitude and willingness to work as a team                      member, placing your personal needs aside to function as a                    servant and team player with the mission team and the people                  you will be serving in The DR.

             *Treating others with love and respect.

             *Having a willingness to work through conflict, disputes and                       problem solve with a kind and loving attitude and an openness                 to forgiveness when resolving conflict.

             *Being willing to ask for help when needed and to offer help to                   others when they are in need.

              *Attending and participating on mission trip planning meetings                 and activities.

              *Refraining from providing anyone in the DR with your Social                      Media, address, contact information, the Mission House                            address, or other personal information related to yourself or                      any team member.

* I will abstain from engaging in any inappropriate sexual behavior with other travelers or those I meet in the DR. 

*I will not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.

* I will not swear.

* I will not use recreational drugs.

* I will not be involved in romantic public displays of affection. I will not start new relationships with my Dominican brothers and sisters during the trip or conduct any flirting.

* I will not flush toilet paper. If I forget, I will "go fishing" for my toilet paper .

* I will respect the quiet time of 10:00 P.M.

* I will stay with the group or follow the "buddy system." I will not wander off on my own. 

* I will not ride on a motorcycle unless I’m over 18.

* I will not give any gifts or pesos directly to the children or people in the community without the involvement of my DR Mission Team Leader.

* I will abide by the dress code.

* I will follow the instructions of the DR Missions Leadership.

*I will keep my sense of humor!

*I will remember I am called to the Dominican Republic for this moment in time and God has a plan for me here.

The Advice: 

 1) It is all about relationship. Transformation often has a profound way of working through relationship. Give yourself a goal of building one or two authentic relationships with those you will be serving. Find out what they love to do, how many brothers and sisters they have, who they enjoy spending time with, etc.

2) Go with the right posture. You are coming alongside local leaders whose culture is probably very different from yours. Go with an open mind and a humble heart to learn about their way of life. Consider reading a book that talks about cross-cultural communication principles. If their first language is different than yours, learn some common words and phrases.

3) Redefine poverty before you go. You may be traveling to some place where there is physical poverty. However, “poverty” is much more dynamic in its scope.

4)And lastly, have fun and relax. You are going to be warmly received by the partnering organization. You are going to build cross-cultural friendships. You are going to have a better definition of poverty, and your life is going to be transformed. What is not to be excited about?


DR Missions reserves the right to “remedy” any direct violations of the code of conduct in any way deemed appropriate. I have read and understand the DR Missions Code of Conduct and I agree to conduct myself in a like manner. I understand that by not following this code of conduct I may be denied the opportunity to serve and travel with the team and may be asked to return home early and at the discretion of the Trip Leader(s).

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