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                          Current Needed Supplies 






Medical Supplies-

- Child & Adult Vitamins

- Prenatal Vitamins

- Fungal cream

- Lice treatment

- Scabies cream (Permethrine cream) 

-Dakins Wound Cleaner

- 10mg IV flushes (sterile saline) 

-Children & Adult Cold and Flu medicine

-Children & Adult Tums

- Iron supplements

-Calcuim supplements

-pain medicine (Adult, Child, Infant)

- Hygine packets for hospital

- Sanitary pads

- Vaseline

- Pregnancy tests

- UTI and Yeast infection medicine


Extra-Curricular Classes

- Paint, paint brushes, thick paper, and small canvases

- Sports equipment (baseballs, tennis ballls, bats, gloves, soccer balls, nets)

- Gym mats (can be purchased here)

New Mothers Outreach

- Gently used baby clothes- Newborn to 2T

- Bottles

- Pacifiers

- Diapers (Newborn to size 5)

- Wipes

- Diaper Bags

- Strollers

- Baby Carriers

- Baby food

- Diaper Rash Cream

- Baby soap, lotion, towels 

- Baby and toddler shoes


- White sheets (twin and full) 


- wash cloths


- Black shoes

- backpacks

- composition notebooks

- pencils and handheld pencil sharpeners

- water bottles

- crayons, colored pencils, markers 


Bread of Life Ministry

- Clothes (all sizes!)

- Bras and Panties

- Shoes

- Sandals/flip-flops

- Simple Puzzles 

- Children's Books in Spanish

- Sports Equipment, Chalk 

Youth Ministry 

- Camping Supplies (tents, hammocks, travel silverware, camping chairs, etc.) 

- Youth devotionals in Spanish 


Here is a list of our currently needed supplies. Due to current shipping regulations, our easiest way to receive donations is by sending them along with our teams, interns, and other visitors. If you have donations to give, please contact us at with a list of items and the approximate weight. We will link your donations up with a team that is able to deliver them to us as soon as possible. 

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