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BSU 2017

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting the BSU group from Missouri Western University. They came in on fire to serve the Lord and make His name known! We loved working with this passionate team. Here’s just a glance at what they did!

Bread of Life-

Like all of our teams, they spent a handful of days pouring into our Bread of Life kids. Through VBSs, fun activities, and lots of hugs and laughter, they made a lasting impact on the children. Check out all these cute pictures of them with the children. We couldn’t pick a favorite!

Christmas Gifts-

At long last, the Bread of Life children received their Christmas shoeboxes. This was an incredibly exciting event. Carson Myers gave a short message and then we blessed the kids with their gifts. It was a time full of screams, laughter, and joy! Thank you so much for your work in bringing in the shoeboxes and helping us assemble the rest of the gifts!

Day trip to Azua-

Each year, we like to take a team to Azua, another city here in the Dominican Republic. We have relationships with a small church there and like to visit on occasion, offering training, support, encouragement, and love. The BSU team spent all day in Azua doing children’s ministry, a evangelistic training seminar, street evangelism, and a church service where their students led worship and preached. It was a full day of ministry and connection.

Thank you so much for your service and love. We can’t wait to see you again in the future!

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