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Neighborhood Church and Abundant Life 2017

We're still getting caught up on blogs for all of our awesome teams this season. Back in July, we had the pleasure of hosting two churches called Neighborhood and Abundant Life. They teamed together and had an incredible week serving! This large team had a busy schedule, but they rocked it! A good wood to describe their week is “investment.” Everything they did was investing into relationships with the people we minister to. Check it out!

Vacation Bible Schools- The team hosted a series of short, entertaining Bible lessons for the children at Bread of Life and in our park ministry. They covered a variety of topics and used children’s books, arts and crafts, worship, and small groups to get hands-on and minister to the kids. The kids responded very well to the activities and learned a ton!

Girls’ Home- The team spent more time with the girls than ever before! They started off the week with some get-to-know-you games, which helped break down barriers and start bonding. Later on, they surprised the girls with flowers from the local market. The girls sure felt spoiled! After a fun Esther Project where we made friendship bracelets, the team and the girls were all sure to made a friend!

Medical- The team participated in a variety of different medical ministries throughout the week, including a visit to a local hospital and a street wellness clinic. At the hospital, we visited moms and babies as well as patients in the trauma ward. Our weekly wellness clinic took place in Barrio Nuevo and we were able to serve the needs of the children in our feeding program and their families and friends.

New Clothes- The team blessed the children of Bread of Life with a new outfit each through donations they gathered prior to their trip. We coupled this with some donations from previous teams and all of the kids loved their new clothes. For the girls in the Girls Home, the team fundraised money to take them on a special, all-afternoon shopping trip. Each of the girls was paired with a buddy, or personal shopper, to help them spend their money wisely and get the cutest clothes.

All in all, we had an incredible week full of fulfilling ministry and new relationships. A huge thank you to these two churches for your service. We look forward to seeing you again in the future!

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