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Crosswalk and Company 2017

Crosswalk Church and Company!

Two weeks ago, we had a group from Crosswalk Church in California and they were joined by other friends from Oklahoma and Washington. They are all a part of the Grace Covenant family. We experienced a powerful week of ministry together. Here are some of the highlights:

Prison Ministry-

Led by Pastor Angel Hernandez, they were able to to do seminar for local pastors on starting up a prison ministry. Pastor Angel then was invited to a local prison to preach, which was an incredible experience. Great connections were made with the prison ministry leadership here in San Cristobal.

Bread of Life-

While every day at Bread of Life is a highlight, we especially enjoyed the day the team brought in hair-bows and did a mini salon with our young girls. They styled hair and finished it off with cute bows. The girls loved trying to style the Americans’ hair too! Another fun day was when they brought in sports equipment and the team and the kids played together.

House Calls-

Instead of a medical clinic, we did house calls in the refugee area. This was a great experience where we were able to invest time and prayer into specific families. We saw many patients and treated a variety of wounds, burns, and fungal infections.

Girls Home Etiquette Tea Party-

We did a silly tea party as a part of the Esther Project to learn basic table manners and etiquette. The girls and the team both had fun acting out different scenarios during our tea party and correcting each other’s manners.

Prayer Walk in Barrio Nuevo-

The team did a prayer walk through the neighborhood where the Bread of Life kids live. They were able to pray over different residents as well as a local church!

Thank you so much for your hearts to serve. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

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