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Momentum Team 2017

This week, we hosted a group called “Momentum” on their very first mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The youth group from a church called The Pursuit, they came all the way from North Dakota to serve with us! There were so many highlights of their trip that it was hard to choose a few to share.

Bread of Life- The team jumped right in and served along side the Bread of Life feeding program. They bonded with the kids quickly and made an effort to get to know them by practicing Spanish together. The kids loved their activity on Jonah and the Whale, and we ended up with some cute decorations for the multipurpose building!

Work Project- This week's work project was painting the house of an elderly friend of the ministry. Her granddaughter, Yerenni, brought it to our attention that her grandmother was struggling with the upkeep of her home and had nobody to take care or her or visit her. The team went in and painted her house, while the sweet old lady repeatedly thanked them. It was HOT outside that day, but that didn't stop the group from bonding with the kids of that neighborhood and starting up a rousing game of soccer!

Church Service- We attended the local church just up the hill from the missions home. While we frequently visit ourselves, it's not a church where we normally bring teams. The church was incredibly welcoming and invited up the youth group to lead a worship song. They picked a song that both groups knew and sang it together in both English and Spanish. What a powerful moment of worship!

Medical Ministries- The team participated in a variety of medical ministries throughout the week. We spent one afternoon visiting patients in the local hospital and praying with them. Another afternoon was spent setting up a street medical clinic and tending to the needs of over 80 patients in under two hours! The students were able to be hands on in providing both prayer and medical treatment to people in need.

Thank you for an incredible week!

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