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Chi Alpha 2017

What a powerful week! We just finished up an incredible time of service, fellowship, worship, and new experiences with the Chi Alpha group from Missouri State University. Here for the 4th year in a row, these students and leaders came ready to serve and kept the legacy of Chi Alpha in the DR strong as ever. Here’s what we were up to this week!

The Esther Skit- The team came prepared with a great skit about the story of Esther. It was energetic and caught the attention of everyone watching. They performed it many times throughout the week at Bread of Life, the Girls’ Home, the park, and more. Each time, it was met with a rapt attention and a huge applause at the end! We loved how they used their gifts and talents to create this powerful ministry tool.

Prayer and Evangelism- The team had the opportunity to prayer walk in no less than three different neighborhoods this week! They started off in Barrio Nuevo where our feeding program kids live. We were able to go into people’s homes and businesses to pray with them for a variety of needs. Later on, they went into the refugee area and prayed over the entire neighborhood, families, and individuals. They finished up the week walking home from God’s Mountain and praying for the families right here in our own neighborhood. Each of these times was full of the Lord’s presence and favor.

A New Office- Each year, this team of college students comes prepared to work... and work hard! They helped create a new office in the Multipurpose building to better serve the Bread of Life children. It’s already been used for profile interviews and meetings with children and parents, and the team has barely left the county! Having this new office space is such a blessing to the Bread of Life program. With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, shelves, and more, the office is a very attractive and usable space to work. We plan to move the Bread of Life library to this space soon as well.

Thank you Chi Alpha for an incredible week of service. See you next year!

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