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Barton and Heideman Trip 2017

This past week, we had two incredible families come serve alongside DR Missions. The Bartons and the Heidemans came ready to work and invest in the local community. Their work project were numerous, but they still had time to make relationships with the girls in our Girls’ Home and the Bread of Life children. Here are some highlights of their trip:

The Water Project- It was an uphill battle, but together we were able to get the water purification system up and running. From finding a new UV light to fixing leaks to buying a new tank, the team’s dedication to this project was outstanding. Seeing the children’s faces when they realize they can have as much water as they want always blows us away.

The Medical Clinic- Another project this week was setting up the new medical clinic for Bread of Life. This clinic will allow us to treat the medical needs of our feeding program children. The old clinic used to be housed in the Girls’ Home, but the new location is now in the multi-purpose building. A fresh coat of paint, updated supplies, and the room is ready to go. We saw our first patient as we were still trying to fit the exam chair in the door.

Activities with the Girls-

The team spent time with the girls from the Girls’ Home teaching CPR classes. This is such a powerful skill for them to possess. The girls were serious and engaged in learning the material, but they really shined during the practice scenarios. They had the cutest smiles and giggles as they counted out chest compressions and assessed different situations.

A second activity with the girls was the first week of an ongoing activity we have named “The Esther Project.” Just as Esther prepared for a year to be Queen, our girls are spending four months transitioning from Princesses to Queens. We kicked off the series by talking about inner and outer beauty and teaching the girls to paint their fingernails. A first!

Thank you so much for your passionate investment in this ministry. We hope to see you again soon!

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