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Adelphi University 2017

Our second team of the year was also our second college serve team! Adelphi University came on a quick trip and ROCKED it. From working hard getting the Girls Home looking nice to spending time playing with the Bread of Life children, they stayed pretty busy. They opened their hands to serve and were willing to conquer each challenge we threw at them. Here's some of the highlights of their week:

Girls Home Renovation: The team worked hard renovating the outside of the Girls Home. They fertilized trees and plants while protecting them with a pesticide. They cleaned up trash and pulled out weeds. They left the Home looking nice!

Hospital Visit: On their team, there was a high percentage of nursing students and students from other medical fields. Callie, our nurse here at DR Missions, took them on a special trip to the hospital where we spent 2.5 hours visiting the trauma ward, pediatrics, and maternity. There was the opportunity for a couple students to tour the NICU and Labor and Delivery, where Callie talked them through the different conditions and treatment plans they saw. The team met with a Dominican nursing school instructor and her students who were doing rounds at the same time. It was an educational and enlightening experience in healthcare in a developing country.

Bread of Life: Like all of our teams, Adelphi spent time playing with the Bread of Life children and helping to serve them a meal. They had a blast playing and interacting with the children. Schools got out at noon this week, so we had an added number of children for them to get to know.

Mural: To leave their mark, Adelphi painted a beautiful tree mural on one of the walls at the Girls Home. They did handprints and helped the children to do handprints too. It turned out really cute and the children love pointing to where their hand is located.

Thank you, Adelphi, for a fun week! Come back soon!

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