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2016 in Review- Wellness Clinics

The last day of 2016 means it's our last ministry spotlight. Today we are sharing about the wellness clinics. Usually once a week or more, we set up a mobile clinic to provide medicine and medical care to people who can't afford to visit a doctor. We use this as a platform to lead people to the Great Physician. Like our other spotlights, this aspect of ministry also experienced a blessed year. Check out the highlights below.

We did many clinics in the refugee area, one in the projects, one in a neighborhood called “La Jeringa,” and a few in our multipurpose building at Bread of Life. We treated all of the Bread of Life children with parasite medicine in July.

The prayer aspect of the ministry is very strong. We were able to pray over an average of 100 patients each week, and the offer of prayer was rarely turned down.

Over the summer, we redeveloped part of our medical clinic strategy. Now, each patient is given a card with their name, age, and what stations they need to visit. This cuts down on the time spent wandering between stations, allowing us to focus on treating the patient and praying for them instead. This also improved the safety and efficiency of our clinics. We also collect the cards at the end of each clinic so we can have records of who we treated and what supplies we used.

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