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Restoration Church 2016

We just finished such a fun week with Restoration Church, our last team of the year. Led by Pastor Tim Doyle, they had so many amazing moments. Check out some of the highlights of their week:

Rite of Passage Ceremony-

One big event was a Rite of Passage ceremony for the older Bread of Life boys. The boys and their families were invited to celebrate these boys becoming men. The fathers, or spiritual fathers and mentors, prayed blessings over the boys and they signed covenants together.

Activities with the Girls-

The team did a couple fun activities with our girls. One day, we celebrated their summer vacation by going to La Toma, a fun freshwater swimming pool in our city. On another day, the girls received new glass drinking cups that they painted and decorated. We also celebrated the birthdays of two of our girls, Estrella and Elaini.

Black Shoes-

The team handed out a new pair of black school shoes to every child in the program who is enrolled in school. It was a long process to get every child sized and then find a pair of matching shoes, but the team was diligent and organized. The kids love their new shoes! Black shoes are a mandatory part of the uniform to go to public or private school in the Dominican. Without these shoes, many of our children would be unable to attend school this year.

Clothing Distribution-

Another fun activity was giving out new clothes to the Bread of Life kids. The team came prepared with tons of donations for the children. The children came up to the table where a friend from the team greeted them and then played personal stylist, finding cute and practical new outfits.

Thank you Restoration Church for a great week. We always look forward to serving together with you!

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