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Bread of Life Christmas, Part 2

Today was Christmas with the Bread of Life feeding program children! Each year, supporters around the United States put together Christmas shoeboxes for our children. The shoeboxes are often the only presents that the kids receive! Filled with candy, stuffed animals, little toys, school supplies, and hygiene products, these gifts can easily be the highlight of the child's year.

Last year as we interviewed the children for their yearly profile updates, many children mentioned their shoeboxes. Check out this quote from Yoeni, age 12:

"My most valuable possession is my Christmas shoeboxes from Bread of Life. I keep each of them in my room and I am so thankful for them."

The impact that these boxes make is amazing! They are a beautiful way to show Jesus's love in a practical way. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed this year! If you would like to be involved in Christmas shoeboxes next year, please contact us on the Facebook page for more information!

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