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Christmas Celebrations Part 1

Yesterday we celebrated "Christmas in April" with our girls! It was a sweet time of fellowship and spoiling our girls. Thank you to all the sponsors and donors who contributed to making this Christmas a great one! Director Carie Bernard shared these highlights:

1.When the girls had their pictures out of their Godmothers and Godfathers and were showing them around to each other.

2.When Estrella went and changed into her new dress announcing it was from her Godfather!

3. Evie received two boxes from her Godparents and she felt soooo special.

4. Santica LOVED her paints and presents.

5. Maria acting all girly with her new watch.

6. Our new Diana doing a DANCE when she opened her present!

7. Pastor Juan Antonio prayed over everyone and explained to the girls who the gifts are from. He made the point that ultimately the gifts are from Jesus!

Every year, giving out Christmas presents is a time of great joy for everybody involved. The Bread of Life children are eagerly awaiting their shoeboxes. Keep tuned for another update, Christmas Celebrations Part 2, for our special event with the Bread of Life kids.

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