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Auburn University 2016

Auburn University Alternative Student Breaks sure knows how to kick off a season of teams! Ten young ladies from Auburn spent their spring break serving with DR Missions.

Highlights of the trip were numerous! One that stood out was painting and restoring the park across the street from our mission home. This is the 5th year that Auburn University has worked on this park, and it has become a special project to them. In fact, the sign at the entrance to the park was painted by the very first Auburn team. As always, the community was eager to help get the park looking nice again. A fresh coat of yellow paint brightened up the whole area.

Another fun event was making personality posters with our girls. Each girl made their own poster with words and magazine pictures that described themselves. After the crafting time was complete, they each presented their poster to the group. It was a great way for the team to bond with the girls and get to know their unique personalities.

As always, the group spent a lot time with the Bread of Life children. They brought face paint and Auburn “shakers,” which the children greatly enjoyed. The team served the children lunch with smiles on their faces. One team member shared “It was really hard to say goodbye. They impacted our lives much more than they’ll ever know.”

At the end of the week, they took the girls out for ice cream! It was greatly enjoyed by everyone. Five of our girls were chosen for a big adventure, The 27 Waterfalls. The group hiked for an hour up a mountain and jumped and slid down a series of 27 falls. This is a feat chosen instead of a night at the resort by some of our more adventurous college teams. It always ends with sunburns, sore muscles, and amazing stories! Our five girls loved the experience! They were very brave and didn’t back down from any challenges.

Thanks again for a great week Auburn! We can’t wait to see you next year. War Eagle!

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