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The Esther House

DR Missions Girls Home

The Esther House is a place of refuge, restoring the lives of young women and girls in our community. These girls find a home and a family at the Esther House, as well as a place to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We see the Esther House as a stepping stone, propelling our ladies into the best possible version of their future. While some girls stay only weeks and other stay for years, each girl becomes part of the family. 

A Place of Opportunity

At the Esther House, the girls are given something special- opportunities. This is something hard to come by in their community and the effect on their lives is incredible. Opportunity for education- We find the best fit academically for each girl individually. We have some girls in private schools, some in alternative weekend schools, and others in university or specialized training programs. 

Dominican Republic Girls Home

The Esther Project

Our plan for spiritual and personal growth

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