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Community Health Outreach

We believe that God has called us to care for the sick and we can best do that by these three strategies:

1. Make medical care available to those who need it. 

2. Educate on quality health care and evidenced based practice. 

3. Focus on preventative care wherever possible. 

Dominican Republic Mission Trip Medical

How do we do it?

1. Medical care availability- we have street medical clinics in different impoverished communities that have a lack of medical care. These clinics serve as primary care: diagnosing medical concerns, treating small complaints on site, and providing referrals for further studies or on-going care. We also do house calls to reach the elderly and injured who are unable to seek medical care for themselves. 

2. Education- we host educational seminars on a variety of topics that are available to the community free of charge. We focus on issues that we see as being prominent in the community and provide easy-to-understand information on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

3. Preventative care- we focus on preventative care by our children and pregnancy protocols. Our children's protocol involves vitamins, health education for the parents, and a focus on cleanliness and stopping the spread of diseases in overcrowded areas. Our prenatal protocol involves vitamins, health monitoring (including blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and fetal heart monitoring), and educational resources. 

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